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February 2016

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Fresh Vibes

February 24, 2016

Fresh vibes is what I’m embodying at the moment, I got braids done recently which I love taking me back to 1999 when wore braids to primary school. Speeding up to February 2016 I am having a braids moment again, embracing fresh vibes, fresh style and good energy!

This past weekend I went to London Fashion Week #LFW, which I haven’t been inspired to go for the past few years, I don’t feel its a must to go unless you have a key purpose to be there. On this occasion my good friend Ngoni debut her collection, which I was super excited to see as she has been working really hard. Her collection is a really cool, sleek, and minimal but sharp collection. Check it out here!

So after checking out her beautiful presentation, I chilled with my girlfriends, cooked some food and then went to a friend’s house in the evening to eat more and be merry lol. I wore the Hana skirt from The Line By K, now turned designer Karla Deras who is of my favourite fashion bloggers! When she released her first collection, I saw the Hana skirt which suited my personal style, i went ahead and bought some of my favs (boo to custom charges though)!

Karla Deras – “I made this for you to be feel sexy and strong at all times” and I do!

005U3361-Edit005U3259-Edit 005U3287-Edit 005U3335-Edit 005U3360-Edit

Skirt – The Line By K

Top – Asos (old inside body to a dress)

Boots – Asos

Photography by: Vinn

Olivia Gold x


Black 101

February 8, 2016

Sometimes nothing is more sharp and clean then wearing black. While i have been running around with family recently, nothing other than black has been my go to.

Always remember it is not what you wear but how you wear it, be comfortable and feel free. In saying that since last year I have enjoyed wearing trainers, they are very comfortable and i have grown to love more masculine, tom boy pieces and styles the more i wear trainers. It has been infused into my day to day casual outfits,  If you catch me around London you will most probabaly see me in trainers.

I am embracing my authentic self in what i wear, how i feel and what makes me happy. So I hope you will start to see that through my blog post. I do not wear heels everyday even though I would love too, that is not my reality and if you follow me on Snap chat: Olivia_gold you will see more of my causal day to day outfits. FYI I have joined Snap chat: Olivia_gold FOLLOW ME you will see my personality, my family and my everyday life!!! I am not used to sharing myself with the world but now i am embracing me and my world and sharing with those who have been following me for a long time now.

Something speacial and new to share – check out my black 101 featuring: Wolford Velour leggings, which you can buy here now! They are suede effect leggings, with the seams inside of the leggings for a smooth finish. They work well with all looks and more importantly they are very comfortable to wear from day to night. 

L67A2805 L67A2813 L67A2845

L67A2872 L67A2881

Coat – Asos (Old) heres something similair

Top – Boohoo

Leggings – Wolford

Trainners – Nike

Photography by: Paul Akinrinlola

Olivia Gold x


Peplums Back

February 4, 2016

With the Oscars and Sag awards recently being the talk on all things fashion, i was lucky to be given the chance to pick a Boohoo dress of choice that resembled the essence of a red carpet attire to wear and style. Keeping my look classic with a black evening dress and strong peplum detail at the bottom the Haley Crepe Peplum midi dress won. I haven’t always been a peplum skirt or dress kind of girl but when I saw this dress, I absolutely loved it! It compliments my curves and adds character to a simple black dress. The cut out detail is where you get a sexy twist to the dress which I love.

If you have been following me for a while you know I love a dress that affirms femininity and confidence and I think this dress really does just that! If you want the look just click the link above!


L67A2774L67A2700 L67A2696 L67A2699 L67A2723 L67A2725 L67A2728 L67A2779

Dress – Boohoo

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Clutch Bag – Aldo (old)

Photography by: Paul Akinrinlola

Olivia Gold x