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Be Free!

August 16, 2016

Another style post but more importantly a post with a message and its simple be free! Do not allow yourself to be defined by your job or your title, how many hustles you have going on and a big one for this millennial generation, ‘what do you do?’

You is just enough before any of these additional applications come into play. I, myself recently experienced this. I would hold onto my job title, who and what I was affiliated with to feel like I’m on the level of where I am supposed to be as the next 25 year old girl. When things changed I then questioned everything! Who am I, people asked me questions and I couldn’t answer as they were questions linked to being defined by my title or job and I didn’t have that so I was like well….nothing. But it is not true, you will always have an answer, right in front of them, and it is yourself!

Be free and own being yourself, it is the most freeing discovery ever, and as a result things have fully changed and changed for the better and opened up a bigger sense of purpose, just from a result of owning being me. So be free, except who you are and never let another person, job, or anything define you. You define yourself and that is the most freeing thing ever!

So my style post is me, Olivia Gold, being free in a green mini dress, YSL heels and Levi denim jacket.

God is good and he will always show you the light!

_MG_2303_MG_2289 _MG_2298 _MG_2313 _MG_2314



Dress – ASOS (similar option)

Heels – YSL

Jacket – Levi’s (also try ebay for some cheap authentic finds)

Photography – Vinn

Olivia Gold x



Some Old, Some New But Its Cute!

August 10, 2016

I have been trying to be more creative with what’s new and old in my wardrobe. It feels like up to four times a year I really look at all my clothes and think what the hell is all of this rubbish?! I just start to not appreciate all my bargains, classic staple pieces and even fun seasonal random purchases that I have accumulated over the years. It is so funny how we switch up our minds on everything. But now I am not going to cry that I don’t have clothes and really appreciate all my fashion buys as it all a part of my style evolution.

Saying all of the above I took it back a little and wore this crop top that I got last year from Misguided and paired it with this ASOS skirt that I had never worn before! When I purchased it, it was too big but as I have gained a little weight (yes I am now a bottom size 10 and proud) it now fits perfectly. It is such a simple two piece outfit but as the blue is quite a strong shade of indigo blue, it really adds a chic vibe to it, along with the lace choker too!

So I have mixed some old and some new and love this outfit, try it and see what looks you pull together!

_MG_2205 _MG_2219 _MG_2220 _MG_2238 _MG_2239 _MG_2247 _MG_2267


Skirt – ASOS

Top – Misguided

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman

Photography – Vinn

Olivia Gold x


Blue Vibes

April 28, 2016

While I was away in Barcelona, which is one of the best city’s in Europe by the way! I bought this light blue top that looked really cute from Berksha for like £15.00. I paired this with a denim skirt feeling the light summer blue tones.

When the sun comes out I love to experiment with light, pastel tones and I felt really comfortable and sexy in this outfit. Completing my look with my ultimate favourite heels, my YSL Jane sandals, chic and sexy, as I like it.

What’s your summer vibes that you are into this year?

_MG_4625 _MG_4678

_MG_4524 _MG_4567



Skirt – Asos

Top – Berksha 

Shoes – Yves Saint Laurent

Photography – Vinn

Olivia Gold x