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The End Of Summer Season

September 29, 2016

Hey Guys, I’m still sharing with you guys my New York Fashion Week style shots I took while enjoying the end of summer in the states. Just like that another summer has gone by 🙁 I always enjoy summer fashion you can feel sexy letting your glow shineeeee! It’s the season where colour blocking looks bomb and showing more skin is more fashionable 9within reason) and you wear outfits that are more freeing!

I shot some pieces with my friend and talented artist and photographer Ike, on the rooftop of our apartment in Williamsburg, embracing the ambiance of New York. How beautiful is this city?

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Skirt – American Apparel (Asos Version)

Shirt – Zara (New Look Version)

Bag – Zara

Heels – YSL

Photography – IkeSlimster

Olivia Gold x


Manhattan Living

September 21, 2016

The yearly trip to New York was a world wind of networking, fashion, friends and having a good time. For those who follow me on Instagram and on Snap Chat for 2 weeks I was in the US for a number of fun festivities. First I headed to Philadelphia for two days for Made in America Festival, which consisted of seeing the likes of Rihanna, Chance the Rapper, Cold Play and many more of my favourite music artists. Then I headed back to New York for Fashion Week events, parties and of course to catch-up with old and new friends.

New York is such a fast pace city, with so much going for young creatives and most importantly the opportunity to collaborate. When I was out there I really saw young, smart women come together and work on projects and just bring one another in on opportunities which was so empowering to witness. It is something I want to embrace here in the UK, we have amazing black girls killing it within their creative area’s of expertise and it is important that we stand together and create amazing moments. Especially when the opportunities are not being handed to us, we have to stand and create them together!

I got to shoot some of my New York style looks starting with these with the dope visual creator Pierre!

ag8i4032ag8i4207 ag8i4233 ag8i4039 ag8i4041 ag8i4044

Trousers – Asos

Top – Berksha

Shoes – YSL

Photgraphy – Pierre

Olivia Gold x


Everyday Getup

August 24, 2016

This is basically my everyday get up and go attire when I have 5 minutes to figure out what I am going to wear. To be honest that is exactly what happened when I was getting ready to shoot this and I just grabbed what I wore a few days before to basically show you LOL!

Evolving personal style is such a close personal experience and I hate that sometimes as a blogger you may feel a little pressured to look like you’re on a runway living fabulous. When in reality life is not like that, sometimes it’s all about a pair of jeans, a cute T and heels and then you run out the door to conquer the day.

_MG_2415 _MG_2418 _MG_2431 _MG_2455 _MG_2404 _MG_2455


Jeans – Zara

Top – Zara (similar vibes)

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman

Photography – Vinn

Olivia Gold x


Body Confidence With Boohoo

June 22, 2016

It’s officially summer in the UK, which means longer days and shorter nights and pending holidays creeping up in the calendar. It’s that time of year where you shop for your favourite bikinis for your holiday and embrace showing a little more skin than usual. I know with this comes a wrath confidence to love your body and all of your flaws so you can enjoy the summer season!

My summer beach curent item is this Boohoo Lace Beach Dress, which is a cover up to throw on over a bikini or swimsuit. I love the intricate lace detail, which is one my favourite aspects of a dress. I style the Boho inspired Beach Dress with high waisted shorts and a white bikini top. I wanted show how stylish and versatile the Beach Dress is when you may not just be lounging by the beach and instead chilling, as it very comfortable and wearable as a day to day casual sheer lace dress.

I would love to know what makes you feel confident. It’s important to find out for yourself and own it, so whether you are in a tiny bikini or fully covered swimsuit what shines most is your presence, character and personality!

If you love this as much as I do, you can easily get it here


Lace Beach Dress – Boohoo

Shorts – ASOS

Bikini Top – American Apparel

Photography -PDesigns Studio

Olivia Gold x



Keeping It Blush

May 26, 2016

Keeping things blush and trying to keep spring vibes around, I wore a light pink shirt a few weeks ago and styled it with a classic pair of white, wide leg trousers.  Tailored cuts are forever a staple piece in one’s wardrobe! I couldn’t tell you how many times I have worn these trousers and in so many ways! Outfits like this remind me why it is so key to collect timeless stylish pieces and store them away; and this right here, is one of them!

2 years ago I made it a rule to ONLY shop for classic pieces that I could have for a long time and when I look at this outfit it reminds why! Simple, classic and forever chic. Style is supposed to be easy for every day and fun for a great occasion but most importantly creating everlasting fashion moments. I will definitely be picking up my classic piece mantra and let you know what else I purchase!

_MG_5693 _MG_5726 _MG_5738 _MG_5748 _MG_5817_MG_5830

Trousers – Zara (similar pair)

Shirt – American Apparel (similar ASOS one)

Heels – Saint Laurent

Photography: Vinn

Olivia Gold x