About Me


I started www.Olivia-Gold.com 4 years ago I always loved fashion, pretty campaigns and amazing editorial pages in Vogue Magazine. I used to flick through magazine’s and be amazed by the representation of women who looked so stunning.

I was inspired to start this blog to share my interpretation of my style evolution. My love for fashion stemmed from my mother, who was also a ‘fashionista’ in her own right! It really is amazing how fashion Influence’s your life and identity and women, it’s something I embrace wholeheartedly. I have been grateful to work with brands such as Wolford, Nike, Adidas and Next.

Whilst studying business studies in School, I really gravitated to marketing and the connection it had to what I was seeing in the magazine as a young girl. It clicked just before my GCSE’s that I could do fashion and marketing together as a career.

Since graduating University studying marketing and media communications.  I started working in PR for brands and agencies such as Ketchum PR, Red Carpet Manicure, Interbrand and Needle & Thread. Working on; brand activations, campaigns, Press events, seasonal collections launches and social media campaigns.

Through my personal professional experience, I have discovered that there is a gap in the creative marketing world, where some voices of consumers are not being heard, identified and celebrated. From both the end user and the lack of diverse creative employee’s in the industry.

My Mission

My mission with my blog is to share personal style and fashion trend reviews through my creative eyes. As well encourage use Life Of A Marketing channel to discuss and educate others girls who were just like me about the world of marketing. The roles and avenues you can pursue in addition to thought leadership analysis of today’s industry.

Olivia Gold x