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Growing Up – The Journey Of Growing Up!

June 17, 2019
Growing Up

Yes, I have a fashion blog post woohoo! My first love fashion has introduced me to so many things as I have grown up and I’m here to give you an update on growing up.

Well, what I have come to realize is that it doesn’t change every day you are learning something new and just evolving. So let me give you an update on my growth so far. As some of you may know from my Instagram. I started what feels like my dream job since 15 I knew I wanted to work in the fashion business and had a neck for marketing and I have been on the grind ever since and at the age of 28, I can confidently say I love my job. Over the years I questioned what I was doing. Yes, I have worked for great company’s and been apart of amazing campaigns and contributed some really cool industry opportunities as a marketer but it never felt like I could fully shine, I always felt capped. But as I continued to feel this way my drive and ambition kept growing, I knew if I continued to pick up skills and build my resume it will take me to where I feel I meant to be. Which is a reminder that the journey never stops, even if you feel a bit stuck, it is only re-directing you or teaching what you don’t like to get to where you do like!

So now working in the fashion tech space of marketing, so far it has been an amazing experience. My confidence is through the roof. It’s crazy that when I was younger, I always wanted to work with brands such as Burberry, Fendi, the British Fashion Council and not just be in the room but be a key contributor. And I am there, I am where I said I would be. The power of faith, hard work, and patience is a godly combination that cannot be skipped.

I just wanted to say to the girl that doesn’t like her job right now, hold on. To the girl that is stuck on what to do, don’t worry those thoughts will re-direct you. To the girl that is confused, keep exploring until it feels right. I am 28 and only feel like its all starting to make sense and I graduated University 8 years ago! wow, I’m old!!!

I was that girl, and if can get can make it, so can you. In the words of a The great Nipsey Hussle. The Marathon continues!

Top – Zara 

Vest – ASOS 

Jeans – ASOS 

Heels – Saint Laurent


Checked and ready to kick 2019!

January 26, 2019

Checked and ready to start 2019 right! well, let’s be honest the new year can definitely be intimidating and make you feel nervous, for what reason?…

Checked and ready to kick 2019! Hoe are you starting the new year?

There is a sense of expectation that something new is just going to happen out of nowhere. When in reality that is not the case it is just another day, don’t get me wrong we are truly blessed to see another day and be in a new year. But I think today’s society we have a warped expectation on what it means for us. This year I truly wanted to flow into the new year and basically go with the mantra of- new year, same me. As we grow it is important to love who you are and who you are becoming and I just want too embrace that now more than ever and not put too much pressure on myself. Consistent pressure does not do anyone any good, I repeat consistent pressure does not do anyone good! What does is, moving in the flow of your life for you. Not what Instagram is telling you, or the world. Once you get to that sense of awakening or clarity, it removes an unnecessary pressure and you can just do you, and do it really well!

Checked and ready to kick 2019! Hoe are you starting the new year?
Checked and ready to kick 2019! Hoe are you starting the new year?

How I Am Getting Into 2019!

With that being said the core of my creativity is through fashion and it always had been I feel joy expressing myself through fashion and I want to continue to do so. Growing my Life Of A Marketing Girl community has been a fear to overcome which I am so proud of, as I can see the growth and has such amazing feedback. It really is a testament to when you focus on you and do it well, the results show, So let cheers to the new year and the same us because the same us is GREAT! 

Checked and ready to kick 2019! Hoe are you starting the new year?
Trousers – Zara (xmas sale)
Tops – Zara
Heels – Stuart Weitzman
Blazer – Zara

Autumn Tonals – Brown My New Nude

October 28, 2018

Autumn is here, which means clocks go back and the nights get darker quicker. But more importantly, autumn fashion is in full effect. Its all about the Autumn Nude.

The dark beige, rust brown and burnt orange tones that seem to be ruling the high street. As I walked througOxfordrd street last week. I popped into Mango, Zara and H&M and that was the main colour palette that was reigning the shop window. As well as the craze for leopard print too!

Autumn Tonals - Brown My New Nude

To be honest, it’s only the last year that I have warmed t this tone. A few years ago, I thought this shade of brown wouldn’t look nice on me it will drow me out and I would like bland. Crazy right? But thank god for growth, self-love and confidence. I love it and has become a favourite shade to wear in summer and in winter.

This whole is from Zara of course as they are nailing the various key trends for winter. The trousers are cord material in a rust brown shade which fit amazing. a low/mid rise flared trousers, channelling 70’s era. I don’t have any flares in my wardrobe, so this was a nostalgic purchase as I would always be in flares in school back when we had ‘own clothes day’.

Autumn Tonals - Brown My New Nude

I wore this with a matching long sleeve crochet weaved top. which felt amazing on. It also comes in white, which I plan to get as it is a perfect brown. I wore this with my Stuart Weitzman wrap leg heeled sandals which is a classic heel that works with the most outfit I tend to wear.

Autumn Tonals - Brown My New Nude

So yes, I will e being brown, dark brown staples for my wardrobe as I loveeeeee this shade and can’t believe it took me this long to like it. This is why fashion is so important even though it is only clothes. Trends and colours come back and something that you may not of like in the past becomes a personal favourite and element of your style evolution which I just a reminder about like. You have an opportunity to change what you don’t like or change your mindset!
Autumn Tonals - Brown My New Nude

Trousers – Zara 

Top – Zara 

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman 

Photography – Michal Burcht 

Olivia Gold x


Embellishment Is The New Statement Piece – Additions To My Wardrobe

September 22, 2018

Embellishment Is The New Statement Piece

I may be late or may be early, but I don’t always follow trends. But I have now introduced the embellishment trend into my wardrobe. When I saw this skirt I thought I had to have it. I never really wear glitter and sparkle, I previously went quite simple and nude tones. But I feel like I am trying new things. I said in my last few fashion posts that my style is evolving I don’t want to be put in a box when it comes to style. So I am buying what I love and what will stand the test of time. A mix of timeless and statement pieces for the wardrobe. 


When I think of embellishment I think of designers such as Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti, Moschino, Julien MacDonald and many others. They really use glitter and crystals to elevate the look of a dress and shoe. It adds glamour and makes the outfit a clear show-stopping moment. 


That’s how I feel when I’m getting dressed to go out and where this skirt its a statement and sparkles from afar. I bought this skirt from Zara and it’s only £30.00 which is an amazing price point for a skirt like this. It is sewn really well and doesn’t look like it will fall apart. I kept the styling simple so I could focus on the fun detail of the skirt. 


I wore a white top from Primark (great quality 100% cotton) which I intend on buying loads more. but yes, a simple top, paired with classic Christian Louboutins. For winter the is to still wear embellishment but with jumper and boots for that those winter statement moments. Remixing your key staples really help you get the best out of clothes in your wardrobe. So plan on seeing remixed outfits on my Instagram, where I post all of my #ootd moments. 


Skirt – Zara 

Top – Primark £3.00

Heels – Christian Louboutin 

Photography – Michal 

Olivia Gold


Vintage Levis – The Never Ending Denim Stable

August 22, 2018

Vintage Levis are the most practical and diverse stable pieces of clothes to have in your wardrobe. The best thing is, you can get on eBay. That is where I have bought all of my Levis products.

Shopping On eBay Levis

Since I have been making more of a conscious effort to buy items that last and that are very versatile. Denim has always been the one thing that you can get the most wears out of and work for ALL occasions. This year I had to purchase a new pair of denim shorts, as I have put on a bit of (happy) weight over the last 6 months and needed to get a bigger size. I did not want to spend £50 on another Levi and remembered easy it is just to get a second-hand pair from eBay. The newly purchased shorts cost me a total of £12 including packaging. Bargain!

It made me realise how handy it is to purchase off eBay, as you can get a really good steal of there. I also have purchased vintage Levi vintage denim jacket which was only around £25, it has that old feel, which makes it even more perfect.


I styled the shorts with a sand oversized blouse from Zara which has crochet detailing. A real summer casual day outfit. I spent the rest of the day walking around London and going for lunch with my Boyfriend. Summer days are always better when you spend time outside and explore where you are in the sun.

My summer go-to heeled sandals have been these white sandals from Topshop. They too also work with most looks and are very comfortable. I have linked where you can get these from directly.


Shorts – Levis (eBay)

Shoes – Topshop (yellow version)

Top – Zara (Sale no longer available)

Photographer – Michal Burchard

Olivia Gold x


Simple, Beautiful In Terracotta

August 9, 2018

Simple, Beautiful Terracotta. What a stunning colour for darker skin tones. I never thought I would wear this shade.  I was always the blush pink/ nude girl. But My eyes have seen better. Not sure about you, but I have been finding it hard to shop for things. My sense of style is becoming more distinctive and I know exactly what I want. 



Fast fashion is really taking over in the blogging and fashion world, which I do think is great because it allows everyone to explore different trends within good price points. But on the other hand, there is so much out there, sometimes when I’m online shopping I get lost and don’t know what I’m looking for any more. So I took a break from buying anything!

Simple, Beautiful In Terracotta

And then I came across this lovely Zara dress, which is a wardrobe must-have.  What’s so good about a dress like this is, it is very versatile. You can wear it with heels, sandals and even trainers depending on your personal sense of style of occasion. I do like to keep things chic and feminine because my sense of style all derives from women in my family growing up look effortless and beautiful in simple pieces such as this dress. all the time. 

Simple, Beautiful In Terracotta

Now when I am shopping I try to think timeless mostly, of course, there some statements that are just for now but you make timeless. For the most part, timeless is my mindset when I am thinking of my mood or vibe when shopping. What I have realised is that my sense of style is evolving at the same time. What I wouldn’t buy or wear such as the printed skirt and shirt by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, I did on my Instagram I love it now. It is just a reminder that fashion changes but style evolves. 

Simple, Beautiful In Terracotta

Dress – Zara 

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman 

Photographer – Michal 

Olivia Gold  x


Shop Tobi Favourites – Two Different Looks To Suit You

May 15, 2018

Shop Tobi Favourites 

As I was packing looks for my LA trip this year, it was so important to have easy looks. A few key items were wide leg pants, two-piece co-ord sets and dresses that were easy to take me through the day to night.

So I selected a few items from that were exactly my style. I styled them how I exactly it wore on holiday, and also versatile ways you can mix and match a wide leg trouser.

Shop Rust Tobi Co-Ord Set 

My Shop Tobi Favourites My Shop Tobi Favourites My Shop Tobi FavouritesMy Shop Tobi Favourites

The easiest outfit is a co-ord set to wear. You don’t have to think about what top to wear with what bottom you can just get dressed and go. Which is amazing, because sometimes I don’t want to think about what am I going to wear? I just want to get dressed and leave the house lol and enjoy the day. And that’s exactly what I did when I wore this in LA. 

Shop Tobi Wide Lenght Pants – Mix  & Matched 

Shop Tobi My Shop Tobi Favourites

Mixing and matching for me when getting dressed, is 100% dependant on my mood. If I want to feel free and comfortable a wide length bottom is perfect. To dress it up heeled sandals is my go to, which is simple and quite versatile and allows you to wear whatever top you want, depending on where you are going.  As you know London weather can be indecisive so to stay warm and cool, I styled my Shop Tobi pants with a Champion jumper and heeled sandals for a little feminine sass. These trousers are amazing quality, if you look closely it is a track pant style but its tailored to perfection. You can wear it with a blazer and jazz it up or you can wear it with a jumper and trainers and keep it sports luxe. 

You can shop these styles right here

Rust Co-Ord Set 

Wide Leg Trousers 

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman 

Olivia Gold x