June 19, 2015

Hi guys, it’s been a minute since I have been able to shoot sorry, life has been super busy but in a positive way so I am truly thankful; but of course I haven’t forgotten to share my continued style journey with you all! I turned 24 this past weekend, which still seems surreal to say that I am 24 since as I feel like I’m still 19. I have grown so much, career wise, personally and spiritually, I feel like I am becoming the woman I want to become even though I am not where I want to be just yet, the journey is unusually beautiful!


Now to the fashion! Over the past few weeks when shopping, I have picked up a thing for flared/wide length trousers, their formal and sophisticated but also chic with a comfortable fit. This is a change for me, as I usually like my bottoms tight or skinny so this is a key add onto my list of essential wardrobe items. I paired a white ASOS bra-let with Zara black flared pants and my trusty Pigalle pumps and I was good to go. I think key pieces such as flared bottoms are essential. The reason I say this is, you can throw on a white shirt and be interview ready, change into a crop top and head out on an evening out and both outfits look amazing. I personally have dressed up in both looks and it suited for both occasions.


L67A2590 L67A2613 L67A2619 L67A2645 L67A2654 L67A2670 L67A2676


Bralet – Asos

Trousers – Zara (similar)

Shoes – Christian Louboutin


Photography by Paul Akinrinlola


Olivia Gold x

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