June 19, 2015

Clean lines and plain colour palettes is what I usually share with you. I received a Spring/Summer look book from Pearl and Portraits filled with a variation of print influenced suits and evening dresses. I was gifted a two piece suit which is a completely a different style and variation to what I have in my wardrobe. To not only challenge myself to mix it up a bit but the floral two piece reminds me of a 1950’s suit. It’s fun to wear pieces that draw inspiration from different eras, especially when the trend is still impactful to how we dress today.

L67A2756 L67A2789 L67A2785 L67A2774 L67A2770 L67A2767 L67A2761


Trousers – Pearls and Portraits

Blazer – Pearls and Portraits

Pumps – Christian Louboutin


Photography by Paul Akinrinlola


Olivia Gold x

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