Holiday Looks – All Gold

June 19, 2015

It’s always fun and interesting when you try something new which isn’t your normal choice but something more daring and loud, so it screams at you wear me? Well I received just that!, a gorgeous gold dress from Virgo’s Lounge, an amazing brand who’s pieces embody the love of vintage mixed with contemporary silhouettes. The ‘Honor Dress’ I got is a long gold strappy midi embellished dress, which is perfect for a dinner party or just to jazz up your typical evening attire. I adore the colour gold, the shade ooze’s classy sex appeal which i think is key when dressing up as a girly girl for me. When I took these photo’s I really wanted to capture essence of evening wear with full glam hair and make-up to complete the perfect picture for a holiday look outing!


L67A0225 L67A0233 L67A0236 L67A0298 L67A0348 L67A0351


Dress – Virgos Lounge Honor Dress

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Coat – Vintage


Olivia Gold x


Photography by: Paul Akinrinlola

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