September 2, 2015

Lately my go to outfits have been really simple! Denim jeans and a white tee, leather pants and neutral tone tops to compliment. Nothing I’ve worn or desired to wear has been bright or colourful unless it is white, (My favourite colour to wear mostly). When i was getting ready to go out recently, i really  tried to make an effort and I naturally put together this outfit, which you can say ‘It’s been done before‘ but honestly its classic. No matter who you see this combo on, leather pants and a crisp white shirt always works. This is what i like about key pieces they flatter most body types really well and you can use that as a foundation to add your personal style with a personal touch e.g your accessories or your hairstyle too!

The only boo factor is that white shirts doesn’t always look ironed even if you iron it over and over again lol! I took some pictures and wanted to share with you my take on a simple look either for day or night 😉



L67A0329 L67A0332 L67A0346 L67A0357 L67A0235

Trousers – Mango (Old)

Shirt – Zara (Similar)

Heels– Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle 120mm’


Photography- Paul Akinrinlola


Olivia Gold x

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