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All Things Beauty With Farfetch!

August 9, 2016

So I have been strictly fashion and lifestyle when it comes to blogging but my eyes and ears have finally opened up into the world beauty, which is all things makeup and skin care. Beauty plays a huge part in completing your personal style, adding to your personal aesthetic to the amazing facial features and maintaining young, glowing skin.

To immerse myself in the world of beauty, I attended Farfetch’s first beauty blogger event at the London Make-up School for an evening of beauty demonstrations of the current SS16 beauty looks that graced the runway! It was really great to have a professional make-up artist take us through the different looks and show us the best application when applying these looks.

Look 1The Bold Eye Shadow

Farfetchbeauty (60 of 89)

Look 2The Metallic Lip

Farfetchbeauty (64 of 89)

Look 3The Bright Melon (This is for the risky makeup lovers)

Farfetchbeauty (68 of 89)

It was such a fun evening as I went with my friends and made new friends too! In my goodie bag was a Oskia Renaissance Mask, It’s been a week and I have used it twice. I think after another week or 2 and I will definitely share an update on how good I think it is. Which will be on my Snapchat so make sure you are following me!!!

Farfetchbeauty (7 of 89) Farfetchbeauty (12 of 89) Farfetchbeauty (9 of 89) Farfetchbeauty (1 of 89)

I will have a lot of beauty post and reviews to come on my blog, so keep a look out. I only will be honest and share with you what personally works for and what I hope will work for you also!

Olivia Gold x



Break The Internet – Google UK

April 7, 2016

I started my Birthday month right this week, attending Google UK ‘Break The Internet’ event. I think I can just about speak for the whole world when I say everyone uses Google. From their search engine, YouTube channel to Google Maps, they are the number one Internet service that also provide technical related products. Google are thriving and more importantly tapping into the social sphere with their own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to connect with the world and more importantly connect with young, creative millennials to elevate Google to the next generation. Google UK put on an amazing event to celebrate their social presence and influence in the UK and of course they did it with a bang!

_MG_4231 _MG_4244 _MG_4259 _MG_4271 _MG_4272 _MG_4280 _MG_4249


Shout out ot my bestie for pulling such a sick event togther, the Google UK team are the best!

Olivia Gold x


Same Jeans, Same Day, Different Moment!

March 14, 2016

Following from my last post, sharing some pictures I took from last week again, I was out all day and all night attending a few events but when I went out later that night, I changed into something a little dressier to fit the occasion. Keeping on the same jeans and heels, i swapped my cream jumper for a Wolford body and a vintage cardigan from my Mothers collection.

I must not be the only one that does this? Do you swap from day to night?

_MG_9380 _MG_9382 _MG_9389 _MG_9443

Jeans – Zara

Heels – Yves Saint Laurent

Body – Wolford

Photography by – Calvin

Olivia Gold x

Fashion Lifestyle

Fresh Vibes

February 24, 2016

Fresh vibes is what I’m embodying at the moment, I got braids done recently which I love taking me back to 1999 when wore braids to primary school. Speeding up to February 2016 I am having a braids moment again, embracing fresh vibes, fresh style and good energy!

This past weekend I went to London Fashion Week #LFW, which I haven’t been inspired to go for the past few years, I don’t feel its a must to go unless you have a key purpose to be there. On this occasion my good friend Ngoni debut her collection, which I was super excited to see as she has been working really hard. Her collection is a really cool, sleek, and minimal but sharp collection. Check it out here!

So after checking out her beautiful presentation, I chilled with my girlfriends, cooked some food and then went to a friend’s house in the evening to eat more and be merry lol. I wore the Hana skirt from The Line By K, now turned designer Karla Deras who is of my favourite fashion bloggers! When she released her first collection, I saw the Hana skirt which suited my personal style, i went ahead and bought some of my favs (boo to custom charges though)!

Karla Deras – “I made this for you to be feel sexy and strong at all times” and I do!

005U3361-Edit005U3259-Edit 005U3287-Edit 005U3335-Edit 005U3360-Edit

Skirt – The Line By K

Top – Asos (old inside body to a dress)

Boots – Asos

Photography by: Vinn

Olivia Gold x

Fashion Lifestyle

Wolford Essentials

December 22, 2015

It is that time of year where we reflect on how our year has been, what went good and what went bad and what our most important learning’s. On a positive note theirs loads of parties and festivities to attend as we reach the New Year!

Styling key Wolford essentials that I also recently wore while on holiday in Miami it also is a great look for any dinner party/festivity event you may be attending, reason why? It is simple, classic and compliments your shape. The Wolford Valencia skirt is a phenomenal skirt because it feels strong but actually is a light material to wear that shapes you from your waistline down for the perfect hourglass shape. It is one of Wolford’s most desirable pieces from their ready-to-wear range. A simple elegant pencil skirt with a wide shape and control waistband that unobtrusively ensures a perfect, feminine figure! Both pieces you can create a variety of looks, with a diverse colour range to choose from.

I paired the skirt with another popular Wolford favourite, the Mat De Luxe Forming String Body. It is seductively shaped to hug around your waist and stomach and sits to snitch in your waist. I love that it makes me feel sexy and comfortable, which is extremely important.

If you like this look, shop both pieces here!

L67A0163 L67A0165 L67A0167 L67A0169 L67A0215 L67A0216 L67A0251


Skirt – Wolford

Bodysuit – Wolford

Heels – Christian Loubutin

Photography by: Paul Akinrinlola

Olivia Gold x


Fashion Lifestyle


September 14, 2015

I’m so ready for fall… I have already been layering up when i head out in the morning, even though it gets a littler warmer around the peak of the afternoon (but not for long). The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, which means fall has arrived. I usually never been a fall/winter kind of girl because i like feeling free AKA wearing hardly any clothes lol but in a lady like form.

Of recent, well within the last year as i have continued to build simple stables pieces i am collecting perfect outfits for winter, long cardigans, knee high boots the plain essential tops (that you can tailor to your personal style). All these pieces are clothes that cause effortless thinking when getting dressed but look the flyest (if i do say so myself)

Wearing a few new and old buys that are getting me ready for the cloudy days and darker nights. Keeping it simple with an all black outfit as i have said before dark and neutral colours reign in my wardrobe currently!

L67A0428 L67A0449 L67A0453 L67A0459 L67A0490L67A0513


Boots – ASOS

Leather Skirt – American Apparel 

Top – H&M

Photography by: Paul Akinrinlola

Olivia Gold x

Fashion Lifestyle


July 28, 2015

Keeping it simple with this post and sharing with you my look that I wore last week Friday on a ‘dress down Friday’, even though I usually wear whatever I like to work.

I bought these vintage Levi jeans a year and half ago and over time the rips are increasing and looking better naturally. I wore this to work and felt cute and got to take some shots before I popped into the office. If you follow me on  Instagram you would of seen I started a new job woop woop! Currently I  now work for one of the worlds leading creative marketing agency, working on some cool brands that I will hopefully get to share with you on here!

Let me know what you think of this casual look, would you wear this on a Friday, from the office into the evening for a night out?

L67A3149 L67A2959 L67A3018 L67A3019 L67A3050 L67A3063 L67A3125 L67A3126

Jeans – Levi’s

Body – American Apparel

Jacket – ASOS (similar)

Heels – Stuart Weitzman

Photography by: Paul Akinrinlola

Olivia Gold x