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February 24, 2016

Fresh vibes is what I’m embodying at the moment, I got braids done recently which I love taking me back to 1999 when wore braids to primary school. Speeding up to February 2016 I am having a braids moment again, embracing fresh vibes, fresh style and good energy!

This past weekend I went to London Fashion Week #LFW, which I haven’t been inspired to go for the past few years, I don’t feel its a must to go unless you have a key purpose to be there. On this occasion my good friend Ngoni debut her collection, which I was super excited to see as she has been working really hard. Her collection is a really cool, sleek, and minimal but sharp collection. Check it out here!

So after checking out her beautiful presentation, I chilled with my girlfriends, cooked some food and then went to a friend’s house in the evening to eat more and be merry lol. I wore the Hana skirt from The Line By K, now turned designer Karla Deras who is of my favourite fashion bloggers! When she released her first collection, I saw the Hana skirt which suited my personal style, i went ahead and bought some of my favs (boo to custom charges though)!

Karla Deras – “I made this for you to be feel sexy and strong at all times” and I do!

005U3361-Edit005U3259-Edit 005U3287-Edit 005U3335-Edit 005U3360-Edit

Skirt – The Line By K

Top – Asos (old inside body to a dress)

Boots – Asos

Photography by: Vinn

Olivia Gold x

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