Some Old, Some New But Its Cute!

August 10, 2016

I have been trying to be more creative with what’s new and old in my wardrobe. It feels like up to four times a year I really look at all my clothes and think what the hell is all of this rubbish?! I just start to not appreciate all my bargains, classic staple pieces and even fun seasonal random purchases that I have accumulated over the years. It is so funny how we switch up our minds on everything. But now I am not going to cry that I don’t have clothes and really appreciate all my fashion buys as it all a part of my style evolution.

Saying all of the above I took it back a little and wore this crop top that I got last year from Misguided and paired it with this ASOS skirt that I had never worn before! When I purchased it, it was too big but as I have gained a little weight (yes I am now a bottom size 10 and proud) it now fits perfectly. It is such a simple two piece outfit but as the blue is quite a strong shade of indigo blue, it really adds a chic vibe to it, along with the lace choker too!

So I have mixed some old and some new and love this outfit, try it and see what looks you pull together!

_MG_2205 _MG_2219 _MG_2220 _MG_2238 _MG_2239 _MG_2247 _MG_2267


Skirt – ASOS

Top – Misguided

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman

Photography – Vinn

Olivia Gold x

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