Boy Meets Girl

May 6, 2016


Not so long ago I was getting really irritated when I would wear tops that were of a tight fit. I wanted to feel comfortable and anything tight was not the best option. Honestly all I wanted to wear were loose fit t-shirts or tops that I could just throw on roll out when I needed to head out. This post is an outfit I constantly repeated (I have no shame to admit I repeat) that is what clothes are for! 

I got hooked to wearing this cute, stripy Adidas T-shirt, with Zara leather culottes. It was easy, comfortable and very boy meets girl vibe. Most time I did honestly pair the look with Adidas trainers (all white superstars) to be exact. When I did wear this outfit with heels it was always a simple sandal heel that added a simple chic feminine affect. 

I really enjoy easy outfits that you can throw on and walk out the door, knowing that you look bomb with the least amount of effort. What’s your go to quick outfit? I may need to borrow your looks next!

_MG_4021 _MG_4058_MG_4068 _MG_4082 _MG_4130 _MG_4139_MG_4023

Top – Adidas 

Culottes – Zara

Bag – Zara (something similar)

Shoes – YSL 

Photography – Vinn

Olivia Gold x


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